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Our Approach

Some consultants give the same recommendations regardless of the client or situation.  But as most leaders know, a concept which works well in one organization can often be a failure in another.  Besides, if success were just a matter of copying everyone would be successful.

Some consultants just focus on the most common structures in the profession without ever really understanding or questioning, "is it successful?" In our view that's nothing more than a race to mediocrity.

At MesaFive we believe your history, leadership style, economics, long term goals and culture all combine to make your organization unique.  They also impact the solutions that will or will not work for you.  While other consultants may be satisfied giving generic advice and walking away, we believe the real test of our work is in the results we produce for our clients.

To better understand our philosophies and approach we invite you to read our published Insights and review our Operating Principles.  And to back up our commitment to results and client satisfaction we encourage you to review our unique approach to Fees.