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Results Not Just Theory

MesaFive, LLC is a boutique strategy consulting firm helping law firms and in-house legal departments throughout North America, Asia and Europe. 

Rather than recite the same claims everyone makes about "innovation" or "unparalleled quality," we invite you to read our published Insights, review our Services and Operating Principles, and contact us to discuss your needs or questions. 

At MesaFive, our work is about results not just theory.


Our Approach

Unlike some consultants who rely on the same recommendations regardless of the client or situation, our thirty years of experience helps us differentiate why a given structure or solution works well in one organization, yet is a failure in another.  Your historical experiences, leadership style, economics, long term goals and culture all combine to make you and your organization unique, and those elements impact the solutions that will, or will not, work for you.

MesaFive doesn't just offer business theory, we offer practical knowledge backed by actual experience in implementing advice.  We have firsthand experience running law firms and managing legal departments.  We routinely help lawyers to confront and support fundamental, difficult changes, and then successfully implemented those changes from start to finish. 

To gain a better understanding of our philosophies, approach and advice please review our published Insights.

Making Notes