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Our Fees​

MesaFive structures its fees to provide predictability and align our incentives with the priorities of our clients.  Our goal is to avoid surprises while creating long term, sustainable value. 


We generally use one of three fee arrangements for our work:

  • For most projects we provide a customized fixed fee.​  Our clients know what we will do, in advance, and what it will cost.  Our focus is on the result, not the clock.  [Unless specifically requested by a client we do not track our time or bill by the hour.]

  • For some projects we structure a portion of our fees to be paid only at the discretion and satisfaction of the client, without any prenegotiated criteria or guarantees.   We believe in our work and results, and are willing to put our fees at risk subject to the satisfaction of our clients.


  • Many leaders want a private, unbiased sounding board to test ideas and to get rapid, critical feedback, but at a fixed, predictable price.  Whether it is advice to a Managing Partner, CEO, COO, Board or Executive Committee, we regularly use a fixed monthly retainer in order to provide ongoing, confidential advice and counsel. 

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