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Operating Principles

While "operating principles" or "core values" have become common features in many organizations, they are often little more than slogans on a website or aspirational filler for a strategic plan.  At MesaFive our operating principles are concepts we use and reference every day, and clients routinely tell us they see and hear us use them in our interactions and advice:

Honest, Open and Direct

We are known for our ability to address challenging, difficult issues, and are experienced in how to deliver clear and constructive advice.  We don't hide behind faddish business terms or rely on vague conceptual advice.  Our advice is clear and understandable.

It's About Results

Most organizations struggle with change, and particularly in the legal profession change often occurs in form but not necessarily in function or results.  While some consultants may leave you with snappy graphics and academic theory, we focus on how to implement real change, achieved in practical steps.

Understand First and Then Be Understood

As Warren Buffet said, "When faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof."  We pride ourselves on listening carefully and fully understanding issues/perspectives before we begin formulating our opinions and advice.

We Never Disclose or Discuss Our Clients.  Ever.

Much of our work involves the most critical, and confidential, issues impacting an organization.  While we may talk about the experiences of our clients anonymously, or how we help clients, we will never disclose a client's name or identifying information.  We believe this is one of the most important differentiating characteristics between MesaFive and many of our competitors.

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